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Finding out you are having twins is one of those life-changing moments. A delicious blend of elation and terror. You may feel like you’ve joined this new exclusive club however, while it’s exciting to be a member, it somehow excludes you from the ‘mainstream’ circles and access to pregnancy support and information is limited.

I created this Twin Pregnancy Survival Guide to help guide you through this exciting yet sometimes scary time in your life.

Over 8 monthly emails we’ll take you from week 8 to week 37 of your pregnancy and cover everything you will need to know about managing your twin pregnancy and preparing for your delicious duo’s arrival.

Each month we’ll cover….
How your babies are progressing and what AMAZING developments are happening along the way.


We discuss some of the things you might be thinking about that month such as when to stop work, what support services are available, what you should be asking your Midwife, GP or Obstetrician plus much more.


I also help you get organised in preparation for your twins arrival by sharing free checklists and guides along the way such as shopping checklists, hospital bag lists etc.

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