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One of the best things you can get organised for yourself before your babies arrive is to fill your freezer full of nutritious, easy to heat, easy to eat meals that you can use during those first few weeks once your babies come home.

You will be eating at all times of the day or night and the last thing you will feel like doing is cooking a meal, so spend the last few weeks of your pregnancy preparing easy to heat and eat meals that you can just whip out and eat any time you feel the need.

Here are some suggestions from other twin mum’s:

Lasagne – Mince/Chicken/Vegetarian

Shepherd’s Pie

Banana Cake

Muffins – Vegetable/Sweet/Breakfast

Devilled Sausages



Pasta Bakes

Bacon and Egg Pie


Meat Pie

Beef Bourguignon

Butter Chicken

Bolognaise Sauce

Mild Curries – Vegetable or Meat

Sausage Rolls – Meat or Vegetable


Stroganoff – Beef or Mushroom

Stews – Lentil or Meat

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