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Preparing for Twins

Download our free guide covering what to start thinking about as you prepare for the arrival of your twin treasures.
We cover topics such as sleep, feeding, nursery set up and how many of those cute little onsies you really need to purchase.

Hello there!

I’m guessing you have arrived here as you have just found out you’re having twins! So congratulations!
When you first saw those two little dots on the ultrasound screen, I imagine that once you picked yourself up off the floor and started breathing again, your very first thought was probably – eeek we will have to buy TWO of EVERYTHING!
It’s a daunting thought and you start seeing the dollar signs multiplying rapidly when you even think about your two teeny babies.
Fortunately, while you will need to purchase two of some things, with a little bit of forward planning you won’t need to run off to the bank manager for an extension on your mortgage just yet.
So, to help make it slightly less daunting we’ve put together our top tips on preparing for your twins to help you start planning for the very exciting arrival of your gorgeous duo.
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Welcome to the world of twins

Anna xx

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The one thing I remember when I was pregnant with my girls was that all of the baby websites and magazines I was reading were tailored for singleton babies. As parents of twins we have questions and concerns that are unique to having multiple babies.

Our guide covers off some of the unique things you need to consider when preparing for the arrival of your super special duo. From sleeping arrangements to how many nappies you will really need.

I hope you find it really useful – enjoy!

Anna xx

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