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Your Twin Nursery

We have plenty of tips, checklists and guides to help you create the perfect twin nursery. A beautiful haven to welcome your delicious duo to their new home.

Twin Pregnancy Complications

Being told that you have a high risk pregnancy is not a reason to immediately panic. While it is a bit of a scary term, high risk essentially means that because you are carrying two babies, you need extra monitoring as a precaution. Most Mums that are expecting twins...

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7 Ways to Choose the Perfect Names for your Twins

Struggling to come up with the perfect names for your delicious duo? It’s often hard enough to agree on a name for one baby – let alone twins! It gets even more challenging if you have decided to wait to find out the twins genders until they are born! You might want...

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Weight Gain During Twin Pregnancy

Eating for three…!?!? While you might be imagining all those midnight feasts stationed in front of the fridge, unfortunately it’s not license to go on an eating frenzy for nine months (sorry). The recommended guidelines for weight gain during a twin pregnancy is...

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Your Twin Pregnancy – A Week by Week Guide

Wow, how are you feeling Mum to be? You’ve just discovered you are pregnant and if that wasn’t exciting enough, it’s twins too! While your twins will grow and develop just like singleton babies, there are some differences, particularly in the later months. However,...

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At Twins & More we strive to nurture, support and inspire you through your twin pregnancy and your first year as a new mumma of twins.